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The world
Some pages are in English, some are in French. Use the translation tool at the bottom or don't hesitate to contact me should you have questions or comments.
Certaines pages sont en anglais, d'autres en français. Utilise l'outil de traduction en bas de page, ou sinon contacte-moi si tu as des questions ou commentaires.

My trips

I love traveling. Hold on, I said traveling, not going on vacation (even though I also like going for 1 week of crazy ski, but it's not the subject of those pages). What's the difference? Let me try to define it.

Now there's nothing right or wrong. It's all about you. The time you're ready to spend, your mood, your family situation, the current period of your lifethe money you have, . And more than anything, what you want to experience. Traveling is not always easy, you'll suffer and you'll hate it sometimes. But it's rewarding at the end, trust me.

The aim of those pages is to share that passion with you, and to give details on the countries I've visited so you can start thinking of your next trip. There's also some hints to have a better experience on the road. Enjoy your trip!

I've been backpacking 2 years around Asia (in green) between 2002-2004, and then a year around the world (in blue) between 2011-2012. My travel philosophy is "I'll probably never get back here, so I take the time to discover every single bit of every country".

La carte de l'Asian TourLa carte de l'Asian Tour
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Other places

I've been lucky enough, on top of my trips, to travel a lot around the world. For fun, vacations, work.

Some pitctures from

Your trip

You're going on the road??? Good idea! There are a few hints on what to do before leaving, what to bring with, how to enjoy and avoid hassles. And remember, it's all personal. This reflects my way of traveling, you'll probably disagree on some points.

Other travel resources & blogs

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